In pursuit of our Secretcape 


SECRET /si:kret/

A piece of information that is known
by only a small number of people,
and is deliberately not told to other people.


CAPE /keip/

A point or head of land projecting
into a body of water.



The thing we love The things we might keep secret 


Deluxe Interior Design and Architecture.

As Christian Dior described so well “Zest is the secret of all beauty” for Secretcape it is the expression of being yourself, your true self.

Our desire, to provide the potential and infinite possibilities to create your own “Cape”, is the origin of Secretcape.

Since 2007, Secretcape has acquired a wide array of portfolios from residential town houses, apartments, penthouses, yachts, jets to name a few. We have built a considerable amount of well-known properties worldwide and most recently located in London's most desirable and sought-after locations. Breath-taking projects are coming to life each year.

Ready to live, is our infallible ‘savoir-faire’ touch added with a tailored experience to provide the exclusive of design styles and create “your project”.

We are taking pride in creating one off spaces, lavishly decorated. Collaborating with the most prestigious “artisans” from all over the world, we combine luxurious materials with an exceptional bespoke craftsmanship to guarantee an extensive range of expertise which ensures that we remain the reference in luxury design.

“ You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self,

here and now, and nothing can stand in your way” 


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We Hire

We Recruit for attitude and train for skill

Atul Gawade



Be our guest, put our service to the test,

tie your napkin around your neck and we provide the rest.

Howard Ashman

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About us

About us

Secretcape in action

Secretcape in action

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1 Down Street Mews
London W1J 7AU

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